Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It's been quiet here on the little blog. I have not been sure how to say what's on my heart. It's been too big, too massive and we are still learning (I am not pregnant BTW)

The last 4 months or so have been a God-journey. I firmly believe He's led us along a path. And here we are, students and beginners but at least I feel we have our feet firmly on the road. We are learning to simplify. The word seems too small to capture all that it means. We are awake. Awake to our surroundings, the world and what lies beyond.


My word for 2012 but I think it's the word that will define me and my life for many years to come. It's so exciting, this new journey. We are listening and considering and praying and researching. My whole mind set has changed. This city dweller, apartheid child who only knew about happiness bound in consumerism and restrictions is learning. God is reforming my mind.

Our eyes are open and our ears hear. God is at work in our lives and I want to be on board. This is our chance to simplify and I don't want to miss it.

I feel like I have said it all and said nothing at the same time. Sorry. Maybe I am simplifying my words too, ha! I hope that it will unfold over time and make more sense...



jennohara said...

Wow, whatever it is Sammy, it sure does sound exciting! :) Hugs!

Cat said...

you said it perfectly Sammy
I hear you

love and light

Gail said...

Dear friend... I can only see amazing things to come through simplifying.... I think, know that is a big part of God's reason to take us out of NZ and into the wilderness that is here - for regrouping, recharging and re-evaluating our lives.... and scaling them right back to simplicity. Not bare simplicity - with NOTHING, but simplicity in holding onto little more than knowing that He is in control and that loving and enjoying each other is more important than a full time-table!

Lifting you up daily. Got you on my heart!x

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