Sunday, May 6, 2012


There has been a lot of goodness over the last few days. I feel stuffed with gratitude and joy!

We try to have a beach afternoon once a week. It's glorious. Except when someone falls in. Twice. I was trying not not laugh and failing miserably. Luckily my very wet small boy held himself together and once we changed in the car, wanted to go back for the walk.

But, I did not have a dry top for him. No problem, I sandwiched him in his sisters (size 1) coat and off we went. Ha!!!

My Mom and I went on a date to Little & Friday cafe (Mon put me onto this cafe) I am such a baking snob (don't hate me) and this cafe bakes better than I do. It's AMAZING. And doesn't my Mom look good? We are nearing the end of the hateful chemo and I cannot wait.

We have had some serious growth spurts and the kiddies feet seem to have grown overnight! New gumboots were called for. Kiwis are in love with gumboots and I am a convert. Our long wet winters mean gumboots are great at keeping the kiddies feet warm and dry. They pop on and off at the door to the house and warm dry socks mean little feet are toasty. New grey truck ones for Rupi and pink strawberry shortcake ones for Blossom...

Lastly I am free! I forgot how awful miscarrying was and it's done and dusted. I will never have to go through that again, whoop!!



Remaliah said...

Wonderful :o) Your children are gorgeous! Love the new gumboots. We're going to have to join the gumboot club when we get over there too! The café looks lovely! You're showing me several places I'm looking forward to visiting! I'm glad your mum is almost at the end of the chemo. And the beaches...our girls are SO keen to play in the water we have to keep an iron grip on them because it's still not yet warm enough to let them get drenched. Have a great week there :o)

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes - I bought some new shoes the other week, but it looks like I'll be needing to buy some new ones before long... growth spurts abounding here as well!

Your Mum is looking great (and gosh Penny looks like her)!

Widge said...

I'm a baking snob too!!!! Nothing worse than an average piece of baking. Blah
Glad you're feeling better. Had a giggle at Rupi in the little red coat :)

Rebecca said...

Such a pretty pic of blossom in her gumboots!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Hey gorgeous gal

Such cute pics...those gumboots rock - I don't have a pair and I totally need to get some now that there is a high likelihood I'll be standing on the side of the football pitch at some point this winter in soggy mud!

Yay for your mom doing better...she looks so good for having gone through such a tough time physically.

Your positivity these past few weeks has been so inspiring xxx

Cat said...

: (
did my comment not come through?
well i was here
sending love and gratitude for your joy and fullness♥

loven the little man in the little girl jacket too : )

love and light

Sammy said...

That's lovely Cat, second time lucky xxx

Miriam said...

Happy Mother's Day to a mama with 2 BEAUTIFUL babes x

Anonymous said...

I've been dying to try Little & Friday's - have heard such good things about it.

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