Wednesday, June 6, 2012

first day

As expected Blossom was ready yesterday with her backpack at 6.01am. That backpack was at her side (or on her back) as she got dressed/ ate breakfast/ went to the toilet/ walked around.

She bounced out the car, threw herself through the gate and ran in. She knew where to put her backpack and was off. Blossom knew this was HER day. She did not even want to be distracted from her game for a nano-second to kiss her mother good-bye. Oh well.

She had a wonderful day! The nanny picked her up all sunshiny and smiley. Love it. And had no accidents (well, she has practiced going to the toilets there a LOT).

Blossom is now a pre-schooler. And rocking it.



Meghan at MNM's said...

Awesome work Blossom. Perhaps on Day 2 you might be able to stop long enough to give your mama a kiss goodbye though, I know she'd love it!

Simoney said...


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