Monday, June 4, 2012


This is Blossom's face. A technicolour forehead and two black eyes, nice one. She fell down some stairs on the playground while I was inside drinking coffee. Felt like mother of the century. I am not sure if her nose is broken (Dida says no and stop being dramatic). She banged herself right between the eyes but maybe caught the stair with her nose too? Like I say, I was INSIDE, not looking, drinking my cup of guilt-laced coffee.


Blossom starts pre-school tomorrow and has been awake half the night for the last forever. The two bits of news are related.

She is dropping her day time nap. This of course goes against all the books and advice we get from people. Children DO NOT drop their naps before at least 3 years old. But this is the same incredibly strong willed tiny person who weaned herself completely before she turned one years old. If she naps at all during the day (no matter how little sleep she got the night before) she will be awake at 3.38am. And stay awake. And make sure Mama stays awake too and is paying attention.

Her nap was the only issue I had with her starting pre-school. She is super ready for pre-school. She rocks in the place like she owns it. Joins in on whatever activity is going when she's there, pops off to the toilets every time we are there and knows where all the stuff goes/ books live and teachers hide. Super ready.

So she's starting complete with Winnie the Pooh backpack and pink lunch box. She will do 3 mornings a week until the end of term and then 3 full days (9am to 3pm) starting next term. I am not even sad. She is so independent and comfortable in that space. And she needs the stimulation and socialising. We had tears with Rupi and angst from me and slow separation. Blossom is already separated and does not even want to hold my hand when we walk in. She's off running ahead to see what she can touch/ do/ see.

Whatever sadness I felt has been felt already. This little girl is very ready to face the world and the next step in her life. She knows she is starting pre-school and wants her backpack near her at all times. Just in case we bring the start time forward...



meg said...

Oh my two were both very different with naps. One had stopped before he was two and the other still sometimes had a wee sleep when he was four. I'd rather no nap and a good night sleep! I'm sure her first day will go well.

Cat said...

feeling you sister
it just all happens so fast

another reason to stay connected with the husband : )

love and light

Miriam said...

Oh baby girl xxx They heal up SO fast x

Simoney said...

Hey lovely Sammy
Firstly... OUCH!
Secondly, forget all the well meaning advice about when kids drop their naps.
My kids all dropped theirs at age two. All three of them.
I listened enviously as my friends with napping three year olds spoke of afternoon rest-time.
But the bonus of dropping naps early is that you get to be way more flexible with your time together (it no longer has to revolve around naptime, so you can have more adventures) and ALSO they usually go to bed earlier in the evening, so you get to put your feet up then.
I'll bet Blossom will have a ball at Preschool. Miss Fab rocked the joint when she went at age two, as well. Blossom sounds very similar to my energetic Princess with a mind of her own. So much FUN!

Penny said...

ha ha so feel you with the guilt. When E jumped off the tramp, I was not looking. And Mr T's "Weren't you watching?" didn't make me feel better!!
But we can't be by their side all the time.
Yay for good start to pre school!

mountain mama said...

kids grow so incredibly fast...bless her little heart...yours too :)

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