Thursday, June 14, 2012


Warning: terribly random post ahead...)

There's a TV show on called GCB. You may have seen it. I am utterly addicted. It's the only TV I watch (seriously)

[Ok, except for Sherlock Holmes on Friday night which I love but got so frustrated with as the story line was like swiss cheese. Three were so many silly mistakes and things where you went "but he would never have done that because he would had his phone on him" or "everybody in the whole room, all 15 of them, would have seen the taxi guy and wondered why sherlock went with him". So I stopped watching because life is too short to watch stuff that you can unravel as you are watching it.]


I love love love GCB. So I started wondering why. And I figured it out. The story is based in Texas and so much about Texas and the characters are like South Africa. And at the bottom of it, I spent the first 22 years of my life in South Africa and things just resonate.

So I have decided I like Texans and Texas and this is why:

  1. The women dress up. In South Africa you don't leave the house without your hair done, make up on and dressed well. Growing up I never ever once went out without shoes, in gym clothes (you change AT the gym), or my hair brushed. This was just normal.
  2. Texans do BIG. So do South Africans. The bigger the better. And flashy too. This is sooo different to New Zealand. Here understated is best. Texans and South Africans are not actually showing off. It's just how they roll. BIG.
  3. On the program (and I realize this may not be the actual reality in Texas) church is part of normal life. A lot of social activity centers around church, it's like the hub. It's expected that everyone goes to church and it's a family thing. That's how I grew up.
So Texas, I think you rock. Go big!



Cat said...

you cracked me up
Texan's ARE BIGGGGGGGG!!!! in general that is
they are almost like a country within themselves
they might even be a little annoying, be it at best, entertaining for us Canadians...but let there be no doubt, we have our "issues" too

love and light

Elizabeth said...

Haha - yep, you SA do BIG... one of my best friends is SA, and boy does she do BIG! She dresses up just like you mentioned, she cooks BIG and she has always been deeply involved in church... never thought of it as being SA, just thought it was her. It makes more sense now though!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yes, I so get the similarities - especially having been to South Africa (Mark's uncle and cousins live there) and having gone out with a Texan I totally get it! Great random post xx

Gail said...

most of the Americans I've met here are from Texas!
I've learned the difference between y'all and y'all and y'all.

boysmum2 said...

I have seen the shorts but not the programme, may just have to start watching and maybe go to on demand to catch the first few I have missed, they just doubled my GB data for the Internet, may as well use it!

Carol said...

Hi, I'll have to watch this show! I love reality shows which are entertaining as well. Found your blog a few weeks back and it's been lovely hearing your views on life and children. I'm also a South African now a New Zealander and loving life here! All the best, Carol

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