Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This weekend we celebrated the end. The end of our looong journey to have kiddies. We (really, me, who am I kidding) wanted to really do something nice so we went away for a night. We are quite simple people and not into ostentation at all, so this was a big deal and unusual. A massive amount of thought went into this (by me again, Dida just said ok to whatever). I wanted somewhere close, in the city and not have to leave the hotel at all. It's winter and freezing so walking around the city like we love to do would be revolting at night.

So we chose here, and got a super package. Early check in, bottle of champagne, dinner, late checkout, valet parking and breakfast. Nice.

We left the kiddies with Nanny. The first sleep over at her house and the second time we had both been away from the kids at the same time overnight. Poor Nanny had 4 million instructions until she gently reminded me that she had raised 3 children of her own. Oh yes, forgot that for a moment. We left with Rupi yelling good bye, happy as anything which was wonderful.

We arrived, checked out the room and went down to the lobby for afternoon tea. We chose a sushi and seafood platter with a beer. The giant prawns were a bit much for us, too many legs, but it was lovely otherwise. We then watched Hunger Games in our room with the champagne and went out for dinner.

Dinner was a degustation menu which we had never done before. Lots of small courses which took forever. As I said before we are simple, like good food and not mincing around with giant plates and tiny portions. We got the wine matching with each course. This equalled tiny glasses of wine with tiny portions of food. There was a lot of waiting around for the next course with an empty plate and dry glass. We drank a lot of water, ha!

We slept until 9am and then went down for breakfast. You could ask for whatver you want to be made so I got waffles and bacon and fruit, followed by waffles and ice cream and fruit. Dida was horrified.We then went back to the room and watched the E! channel. We don't have Sky TV so are sadly (or not) deprived.

It was amazing. The kids loved being with Nanny and had been promised a visit to the zoo. Nanny took them round lunchtime to dodge the rain so we had even more time alone. We finished off at Wynyard Quarter for hot chips and coffee/ beer.

Connecting again for an extended period of time was lovely. Dida is my favourite person and we have such fun together. Loved it and can't wait for next time!



meg said...

How wonderful!

Meghan at MNM's said...

How wonderful! What a special 'time out' this was.

BTW, you look totally gorgeous in all these pics!

Miriam said...

wow looks like an amazing, amazing time and you look so gorgeous in the pics!

PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like the best time ever!

jacksta said...

Looks lovely! I have the exact same weekend planned this weekend!
Coming to Auckland..and will be having a degustation menu at Mikano in Auckland.
Looking forward to it.

Elizabeth said...

Ohhhh - sounds amazing... dreaming of that day again!

Simoney said...

What a great thing to do! yay for you guys

Cat said...

lovely lovely lovely
what a great thing to do for yourselves
and nice way to end and begin another journey

you are beautiful!

love and light

Gail said...

I love that place!
An awesome way to celebrate with some couple time, but even more, an awesome thing to celebrate!!
Have always wondered about those degustation menus - never tried it.
You look beautiful as per usual. Style queen!!!

boysmum2 said...

I too just got to stay at that exact hotel this last week. It sure was bliss, glad you had fun, me too

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