Wednesday, July 25, 2012

it's not you, it's me

I am culling my reading list. I just can't read some blogs anymore. They are not good for my soul.

I love "warts and all" blogs. The ones that show the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The real ones. I can't do the ones that show only the good. I end up comparing my life to their blog and feel all inferior and horrible.

I don't mean that we have to let it all hang out. Some of my favorite blogs are cooking blogs. But in-between the lines of the recipes and in the odd post you get a glimpse of them. Their triumphs and struggles, battles and emotions.

I know that there are some that don't like the "warts and all" blogs. People that like to read about only the good side of life and I think it's great that there are so many different types of blogs out there. It would be boring if we were all the same, wouldn't it?

So, for those whose blogs I choose not to read anymore, it's me not you. I don't blog for an audience but for a group of people I would be "in real life" friends with if we ever met. Friends I could have a coffee with, share a bar of chocolate with and laugh with. In short, with you. If you read this, you ARE a "warts and all" person and I appreciate you.

And... we had the second Adventure Wednesday today. We took my Mom along and rode a carousel. We caught a ferry to the city, walked for miles and ate delicious food. Then caught the ferry back again. Loved it!

 Long live Adventure Wednesdays!



Remaliah said...

I love the idea of your adventure Wednesdays :) It looked like a lot of fun! We sometimes take the ferry from where my parents live into the city...they're way out south east. The girls are really into 'bateaux' (boats) at the moment, so they'll love that I'm sure!
I understand what you mean about culling the reading list. My blog isn't enough "warts and all"...I often think of that. Though we have plenty of warts! In saying that I do hope we can meet up when we get to Auckland! I'm sure my girls would love your sweet one too :) xx

Leonie said...

I am like you Sammy- I like the warts and all blogs... because realistically, no one has a 'perfect' life.
Your Mum is looking great, hope she's feeling good too.

Creating Childhood Memories said...

Good on you for doing something that is good for your sole. it is important to look after your self. your an awesome mum and I admire how you share your ups and downs of life :)

Miriam said...

Hi Sammy, I know you've popped into my blog now and again and I hope you've always found it encouraging. I applaud your courage to be selective about what you read for your own good. I have referred a number of friends on similar journeys to your blog. Looks like a wonderful adventure you had - long live adventure Wednesdays

Widge said...

Booyah! I know I'm pretty warty.
And I'll share your chocolate anyday xx

Widge said...

P.s great pics and glad to see your mom looking well!

jacksta said...

I totally get this. As a blog reader I enjoy reading about other peoples bad days and triumphs.

BUT as a blogger I struggle with the fine line of sharing too much information especially the bad stuff...I would hate for my kids to read it 20 years or anyone else in my family who would be hurt with my venting etc.

I like blogs that somehow have it yours for example. ♥

Cat said...

Hey Sammy
I hear you...I want the real deal
it is really a lifestyle modo for me
in everything
even if it is hard I want the real goods, no fluff, no pretend.
I wanted you to know I always appreciate your comments on my blog
because I know they come from really means alot
Hey your mama is looking good...where is she at with her health these days?

love and light

Cat said...

what a beautiful day you all had
love that

love and light

boysmum2 said...

I too love blogs that shows people's lives not just the fab glam side that they wish they were doing. I like to know they had a crap day or that their husband is in hospital, makes them human and allows us to support them even if it is just with words.

Simoney said...

Well, you know me, Sammy.
You get the warts whether you like it or not!
Love you, love your blog and admire that you are always so very YOU.
(Also glad we are actually real life friends because I don't have to worry whether you would still be reading me/liking me or not! Phew.)

Neetz said...

Aw lovely post. I am just catching up, have been crazy busy with life, kids, sick family members etc, and I haven't visited many blogs or blogged myself for a while... so great catch up for me.
Your Mum looks fab! Hope she's keeping well, and is her treatment going okay?? (hope so) xx

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Wow, you sound super busy, but I'm loving your 'Adventure Wednesdays' - what a special idea. I haven't been reading many of my favourite blogs recently, as family life is just so busy and when I get a chance to sleep I'm enjoying it :) I've been scrolling through your posts and having a good read. Wonderful. Best wishes to you and your family x

Cat said...

I am so glad we're friends in real life and through blogging xxx

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