Sunday, November 4, 2012

spaceman delight

I think it's fair to say that Rupi had the best day of his life yesterday. Yeah, it was good. Which makes the stress and late nights and crazy cost and the advent of psycho woman emerging at times, well worth it.

It was good!

For his party we booked the YMCA party room. The horde of small boys (and occasional girl) also had the run of the whole auditorium with all the equipment for the whole party. A YMCA trainer played with them and tried to organize games. It was like herding cats and I felt sorry for her. She was young and had no idea about the combined testosterone levels of a bunch of small boys.

They emerged for afternoon tea and we played a few games and opened presents and it was easy. Ok, it wasn't easy and due to a lack of sleep (on Dida's part with the kiddies) and my pre party stress levels there were a few marital moments while hanging the bunting. Just keeping it real.... But once we got going and Dida drank a giant energy drink, all was well.


I did the requested "Spaceman" theme. Bunting, balloons and murals made the room look fabulous. The food was all dairy free and exactly the same as Blossom's party. I think I may have to mix it up a bit for Blossom's next party.

 The cake was a rocket and had part of it dairy free with american frosting for icing which is totally dairy free. We had sparkler coming out the bottom which the little boys adored. Dida tried to make a speech but Rupi got embarrassed and shouted him down. It was super funny!

One the way home Rupi said that it was a "wonnerful party" and that, my friends, is all we needed to hear! Love it.



Miriam said...

oh so sweet!!! Love the 'marital moment' and I know it's a party post but can I take an aside to say GREAT dress - Mama is looking h.o.t!!

meg said...

Great photos of a lovely party. Now you can relax!

Cat said...

oh that face!!!
love the images you captured!
congratulations on such a beautiful celebration!

love and light

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Rupi... what a blessed wee boy, and an awesome party! Well done Mum and Dad (and with only a martial 'moment', not a whole day or so - you did good)!!!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Good job Mama - it's so obvious by the happy face in all these pics that it was the best day ever for Mr 4!

Can't wait to see you Sat :-) xx

Our Whanau said...

wonderful, wonderful. Love.
That smile is SO Precious!

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