Monday, November 12, 2012


Thank you so very much for the deluge of kind words, encouragement and love. Emails, texts, face book messages, comments and blog love = amazing. This is why I love blogging. It's not a business for me, it's friendship and as the lines between real life and the internet blur I love each of you more.

Thanks, my friends.

So. Tonight my Mom meets with the oncologist. In about 45min in fact, and we will know the nature of the beast we face. It will have a name and a description and a timing. I admit that I am terrified. But I know that just because someone with green shoes (true) and a long list of letters behind his name calls the beast something does NOT mean it has jurisdiction over my mother's life.

The end.

I have had some good times over the last couple of days. Dida organized a birthday extravaganza that got sabotaged by the beast to some extent but Friday bight was a goodie. He organized some of my closest friends to go out to dinner with me. Some people were missing (hello Gail) But I had a wonderful time.

Then on Saturday I got to have lunch with Megs from MNMs. My gosh this girl is wonderful. She's tiny, wears mint green jeans, likes gluten free cake and is truly as lovely as she comes across on her blog.

Loved these two bits of cheer in the middle of everything else!



Meghan at MNM's said...

I pray His peace be on all of you tonight no matter the words that are spoken....He is able to do far more than we could ever hope or imagine.

And thank you for your sweet words lovely lady xx

Miriam said...

so pleased you are receiving love, still praying xxx

Widge said...

Xoxo love and prayers Sammy

Cat said...

through the darkest times of our lives there is still an abundance of love and light waiting for us to access it...

I stand with you from a far as you walk through this Sammy
holding space for you with thought and prayer
and rejoicing with you in the love and friendships that you have to surround you during this time of challenge...
walk lightly sister
walk lightly and rest in the love of a God that knows all

love and light

Cat said...

so lovely you had face time with Meghan...I get the sense that she is the sweetest thing!
love your reflections of her♥

love and light

Gail said...

Hello back at you friend.

There is only one name: Jesus.
Name above all names, above all things, ABOVE ALL.

In His name we have so much: hope, freedom, healing.

In His name.
Much love xx

Neetz said...

oh...I'm out of touch haven't been on blogger for over a month will go back and read up and see what I've missed... but please know that I am keeping you all in my prayers ... Bless yas xx

i bequeath love said...

Your words are brave and positive. Your truths written here are so true. Sending your prayers for strength and wisdom.

Sarann xx

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