Saturday, November 7, 2009

The big white elephant

It's getting harder to blog normally and not talk about the pregnancy. Well, the last two milestones are nearly over. Today at Rupi's birthday party we'll tell the birth parents (gulp) and on Monday I have the 13 week scan.

It's been very quiet on the bump front and I have been a tad concerned. Plus I have been feeling really good since about 11 weeks and my energy levels have got back up again. I also feel less hormonal and more rational. To top it off my bump went down a bit but I thought that maybe it was because the tummy tissue wasn't bruised and swollen from the heparin injections anymore....

Anyway I didn't want to worry my hubbie so spoke to my Mom about it. She assured me it's ok and normal. Great! Today and yesterday I have felt achy and "drag-y" in my pelvis again. Also great and things are moving and happening. So the scan should be ok.

I should just blog about it and maybe I will. We told family that they could tell people and my mother in law (bless her Jesus, bless her) sent an email out to THE WHOLE WORLD. Including a Danish student who stayed with her about 6 years ago.... hello? He's pleased apparently. Being a private person this is quite overwhelming.

So really it would be good to get rid of this white elephant in the room that fills my whole vision!

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