Sunday, November 15, 2009

14 weeks and 0 days

14 weeks today! Woohoo! My hubbie put his finger on it when he said "It all feels solid now" We are past the nail biting anxiety of the first trimester and are well into the second trimester. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? I obviously can't at times!

I posted my candy off for the Great Candy Exchange but can't show what I posted as I had to do some last minute changes at the postshop when my 1.5kg of sweets cost the earth to send. So my photos are out of date! I had to ask the man behind the counter to repeat himself at the amount.... so some swopping occurred as I was not willing to let go of the two big bars of Whittakers chocolate I had in the stash. It's chocolate, people, and jolly near the best there is! Lucky I had spare packets of sweets on me (well, I couldn't buy for Froggity and not for myself now could I?) I got it down to 1.2kg and left it at that. There's only so much compromising a girl can do.

I also haven't posted about Rupi's first birthday party. It was a very awkward occasion and this is partly my fault. I really wanted both the birth mum and birth dad there as I know how much it will mean to Rupi one day to know they came. So I asked both and bless their hearts, they both came. But all the emotion, the grief and history meant that the two groups could not mix and so we ping ponged between the groups with Rupi in tow. Who had not had an afternoon nap and was very very grumpy.

We couldn't spend time with our family and friends and luckily they all amused themselves. The thick tension in the air was hard to miss, except by Mr G, Simoney's husband who finally figured out what was happening as they were leaving. Men.... God bless them and their ability to ignore vibes. Imagine a world of only women- horror!

We got some lovely photos anyway and this will fade to a distant memory. My hubbie is adamant though that the next time we inflict this torture on all concerned will be Rupi's fifth birthday!
The gathering of awkwardness

My Dad, Rupi and me

My Mom and Rupi

My MIL, Rupi and my hubbie

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Janna said...

YEY!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I haven't been in blogger land for awhile so I was so glad to hear the good news :)

FROGGITY! said...

congrats! second trimester, whoo hoo!!! i hope you are feeling well! i am sending your candy todayyyyy!!! can't wait to get mine. we pregnant ladies need our candy. :) take care and God bless!

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