Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happiness is

I am just so happy.

My hubbie did some thing so wonderful this morning for Rupi but I am not allowed to share just yet. It's KILLING me. However as I am always respectful and submissive (ahem) I am obeying. He's incredible and makes me so happy.

Rupi and I had morning tea together at one of fav places in the whole world- Starbucks, while waiting for my hubbie. Yes I know, I know, Starbucks is a global coffee house and the coffee may not be up to every one's standard but it makes me SO happy! AND! The Gingerbread Latte is back!!!! I wait all year in anticipation and when it arrives round Christmas time, it makes me all happy and glow-y on the inside.

My amazing hubbie sorted out a family tangle this morning. Crazy stuff. Only he could do it. I was in awe as he stood firm, spoke the truth and took the lead with his immediate family. Love him and love God in him. He makes me so happy- again!

I have a bump!!!! I am overwhelmed that I have one. I have waited 7 years to expand out the front and despite the (many many) doomsayers, I am loving every moment! I feel great again and just love my sticky-out tummy.

I am so happy!

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Simoney said...

Oh wow! I love your bump!!! It is so cute! I can't wait to see it in person. Sooooo cute!!

Gail said...

Loving the bump!

Amy said...

Oh deliciousness.

Penny said...

I've been checking your other blog and wondering why you hadn't written in so long ha ha! So glad you're happy!

FROGGITY! said...

that is precious!! your bump is amazingly darling.

i love those lattes, oh yes i do! nothing wrong with starbucks, we all have to have it sometimes.

i just sent you an email, but wanted to thank you again for the candy!!! i hope yours gets there soon. i will post about it after thanksgiving!

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