Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The face

This is the face I see mostly at the moment. Nice.

Rupi is going through a smacking, shoving and all round bad boy stage. Yes, he's adjusting to a new baby sister, having testosterone and developing independence but often this just crosses the line. And it's tiring.

Thank goodness for one of my besties who ran an early childhood centre in her previous life. Her good advice and helpful email was prefaced with "now first you need to know you are a great mum and going a great job". Really? Because having to leave Mainly Music early again because my son shoved a small child for the 10th time doesn't make me feel so fabulous.

I am just repeating (as I put him in time out for the 500th time) "this will pass, this will pass, this will pass...!) Along with slightly hysterical pleas to God "GIVE ME PATIENCE PULEEEZE!!!"

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tea said...

I had to laugh when I saw that little face. That look says it all.

We've had our times of Mr. Trouble too. I have had my share of days when I have been pleading for patience. You are definitely a good mom (mum). :)

I think you're right about it being related to him adjusting to his new sister. My niece has been crossing the line a lot since her new little brother showed up.

Saying a preayer for you, I know those kinds of days are not easy.

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