Friday, July 30, 2010

The incredible hulk

Two posts in one day, my my! This trend will not continue....that I can promise!


It's winter so I have been wearing flannel PJs. And our duvet (doona?) is filled with goose down. So it's super warm. And the weather has been mild.

I have been getting hot at night. Rather hot it seems. I woke up one morning this week with my PJ top unbuttoned. No, there was no nocturnal activity as the hubs was sleeping in the living room with Blossom. So strike that one. I was a bit taken aback, as you would be.

I tried to button it back up and . could . not . find . the . buttons. I thought I may be in a bit of a daze so stood up. And my buttons tinkled down around me like little drops of rain.

Yup. I had RIPPED them off my PJ top!!!!!! In the night, trying to take my top off as I was hot. Unbeknown to me I ripped them clean off. And to top it off, I ripped them so hard I broke them. All. Every single one is broken.

Nice one.

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Gail said...

That just had me in a fit a giggles. Too funny. Better wear a t-shirt tonight then!

Maranga Mai said...

Haha - that is fantastic!

Thank you for the laughs.

tea said...

Hahaha!! So funny :)

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