Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been lonely. Feeling a bit isolated. We live in a part of Auckland that is not near our church. So very few church people live near us. Getting out to visit my church friends with two very small children is hard and put a 25min trip either way on top of that, and it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

I was feeling a bit friendless. Despite having family close by I felt a bit lonely. Relationships change after children and I have lost touch with some friends. I know how it is, you just can't relate- and that's ok. And I hadn't seen other friends for ages (mainly due to my lack of availability!)

So I put my big girl panties on (LOVE that expression) and decided to reach out. And asked God for some church friends who live close by. I started making "dessert dates" with my friends. If I can't get out during the day, I can manage at night after the kiddies are in bed. And it doesn't have to be late either- an hour or two of uninterrupted conversation is enough to nurture friendships.

I had my first one with her this week. It was wonderful. We went to the Chocolate Boutique and hogged a table for nearly two hours. Surrounded by chocolate I hoovered a giant dessert and we talked. About clothes and husbands, body image and food, life and love. It was wonderful! And I have made a few more "dates" and I can't wait.

And God came through big time! An amazing couple are moving up from Wellington to take over a church near where I live. They have bought a house 5MIN AWAY FROM ME! Yeehaa! She is such a great girl. Funnily enough when I caught up with her at the womens conference I remember thinking how much I liked her and if she lived in Auckland I would hunt her down for coffees! Maybe not so funny, huh? Maybe a God thing?

And at Mainly Music a girl I used to work with turned up and asked ME if I would like to catch up! So nice to be asked instead of doing the asking. Just lovely.

So I am not lonely, I just needed to reach out! Beautiful! And satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I've been feeling the same way, but we are inbetween churches so that's kinda making it hard too. I don't have both the kiddos...YET...and I know it will get harder once the 2nd is born. I need to try and regain some of that friendship before it gets harder. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope the babies are doing good...and Mommy too :)

These Three Kings said...

I love it! I think I will use this idea! So Thankful God answered yet again another prayer. HE is so faithful to us faithless people! Enjoy these relationships :)

Gail said...

So I read this now, after I tell you I'm not sharing my friend with you :) I was joking - if you want another hook up over that side let me know! Gillian is at a different stage - all her kids at school now, but she would know of!!
Much lovexx - p.s. I thoroughly enjoyed last night, good laughs..... I wonder if Singapore is something to aim for.....

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