Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday and time for a bit of randomness once again. I don't have to think hard at all to have one or sixteen things spring to mind. Randomness rocks!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Be sure, when washing exfoliating scrub off your face, to shut your eyes TIGHTLY. Scratching your eyeballs with scrub is oh so, NOT fantastic.

Blossomy delicious-ness

I secretly love that this little petal can only be put to sleep properly by me, will often only take her bottle from me and cries (loudly, of course) if I am in the room and someone else is holding her. Rod for my back? I don't think so.

Kefir goodness

As long as you don't think about these tooooo much you are ok. They are "grains" which is a little more palatable than the mushroom-like discs (which Soulemama has). BUT. They are LOADED with goodness and are make probiotic heavenly goodness (they flavour water, you don't eat them). Gifted to us by our friend Meg, they are living in the corner of the kitchen, busily doing stuff.


Here is Rupi rocking his first ever pair of crocs. He would not take them off and looks super cute (in my humble opinion of course!)

UP... and away!

 "Up" is the most incredible movie. Rupi watches it so often and I love it. It's a really good one with healthy themes- marriage, good versus evil and friendship. Oh and some excellent humour that always makes me giggle. Rupi knows the characters by name and calls "Russell!!!" when Russel first enters the movie, like he's a long lost friend. Russsselllll!!!

That's all the random I got. For now. Be warned.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Sammy! Love that you love putting your wee girl down to sleep. Such a beautiful sentiment. And how grown up does Rupi look? I also love "up". The part at the end...go have an adventure...tears me up every time!

PaisleyJade said...

Loving your randomness... and very curious about your Kefir!

Anonymous said...

Love your list! My youngest is surgically attached to his crocs as well. And your blossom is simply gorgeous. Never a rod for the back when there is so much love there.

Widge said...

hehe awesomesauce

tea said...

Blossom is too beautiful!!! So special, that time when they only want mama. Loved that with our little guy. I like the movie UP too. The beginning made me cry though. So cute that Rupi loves the character so much! ♥

Simoney said...

Yum yum delicious randomness Sammy.
Me thinking we need to hang out sometime coon?
Is it true? Coffee on Thursday?
(Pray RORZA doesn't have an appt)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Those are two delicious, squeezable babies you've got!

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