Friday, July 29, 2011

Jolly wonderful

Well like Meghan, I have had a poop of a week. The family drama that happened last weekend has really rocked me. Shaken my world.

But. I do have something I am thankful for!

This morning was amazing. We went to the zoo with my sister Nikkey and her cuties. Her big boy (all of 5) took control of the map and with the help of his compass (tied securely around his neck) attempted to herd us around the zoo. Hysterical and very cute!

We also had some special guests with us. Rupi's birth father, J, his lovely girl friend, cute little sister, Mom and step-Dad joined us. J has not seen Rupi in about 9 months so it was heart melting. The whole family really gels with us and it was great to be able to let go and trust them with the kids. There are those who like the kids and interact with them but don't keep an eye on them, make sure they are ok and cherish them. These people do all that. I could even turn my "mother-hawk-eye" off. Nice. No, more than nice, jolly wonderful!

Hows this for goose bumps? Rupi and J. Now that's something to be thankful for!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic of Rupi and wonderful for Rupi to be able to enjoy time with them and for you to be able to be able to relax a bit yourself! xo

Elizabeth said...

Brings tears to my eyes... what an amazing upbringing your precious boy is having with all these family members who love him SO much!

PaisleyJade said...

Lovely pic - I do hope your weekend and week is much better. xoxo

Catherine said...

What a wonderful day and such a lovely photo of Rupi with J xxx

Rebecca said...

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pic!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you've had a bad week, similar thing here too. But this photo is precious and they're what really matters aren't they? Take care of yourself lovely lady xxx

Anonymous said...

so special
you are such a good mamma to your Rupi
his life will be rich and full because you are a mother of Faith

love and light

grace kay said...

definitely cherished, that boy of yours :)

tea said...

That photo is precious. What a blessing for Rupi to have that.

I'm sorry about the family drama, that's never easy to deal with. Will say a prayer for you guys. ♥

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