Monday, October 24, 2011

Black Out!

The 24 year drought is over and the cup is back where it OUR trophy cabinet! We won the rugby world cup! Woop!

As a nation we needed this. After the pike river coal tragedy, two earthquakes and now an oil spill, a positive like this was just what the doctor ordered. Yes, this is just a sport but it's our national game and we love our rugby. This little island is tired today but absolutely buzzing!

The man of the house was super excited yesterday getting ready for THE MATCH

There was a fan trail for the match watchers (the cousins and us)

The house was decorated man-style, outside...

and in!

Every person, big and small was in full support

And we needed lots of energy releasing for the small people

And at the end of the night, this was the face that said it all!



Rebecca said...

Ha that's awesome! About to put up my couple of pics :)

Simoney said...

So happy.
And its totally "NOT just a game" in NZ aye??

Elizabeth said...

Haha - love the decorations... so should have taken pictures, but was way to stressed *grin*!!!

Gail said...

Best win EVER (well, a bigger margin would have been muchly appreciated!) I screamed myself silly and jumped up and down and hugged random kiwi-strangers (and French dudes) in a bar .... fabulous night. So PROUD!!!

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