Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sucker punched

It's been 5 days since I last posted and I still feel uber yucky. This flu bug is from the devil, I tell ya.

So because I don't have anything deep or moving or scintillating, here's my day in pictures....

Oats for brekkie, she's getting her appetite back. I gave her the lurgy, poor mite.

Every morning at breakfast, Rupi waves the neighbour off to work. The neighbour loves it.

Supervising me while I dress and playing with my makeup (her) and toy cars (him). Stereotypical much?
Dropping Rupi at school. He always looks this thrilled to be going.

In between meetings checking my email at my second office. My dodgy state of body is not allowing caffeine at this point (argh!)

Afternoon shopping with smallies in tow, stocking up on vitamins. The kids love these, thank goodness as we really need to kick our constant trend of illness.

Bath time! Rupi is leaning over, his puku is not as large as it appears here!

Nanny dropped in for cuddles just before bed time.

That's me and mine today. Happy Wednesday everyone!



PaisleyJade said...

SO cool to see a snapshot into your day. Love that Rupi waves goodbye to your neighbour - so cute!!! Hope you are all feeling well soon!

Rebecca said...

What lil cuties!! Hope you're all back to full health soon xox

Leonie said...

Hope you are all better soon! Those Ester C tablets are great, my kids love them and I take the adult version (which are not so tasty chewed as my Dad found out...haha)
Your little girl has grown SO much since I last saw her! wow.

Cat said...

So awesome Sammy!
love having a peek into your day.

love and light

jacksta said...

how cute that he waves good bye to the neighbour. Little cuties. Get better soon!

These Three Kings said...

Father, please restore my sister health, thank you
for her sweet spirit and loving heart. May you be honored even in her sickness. Amen.

Hope you feel better soon! I love the photos!!

Cat said...

Wishing you health
I've been terribly sick this week
What a winter ;'(
LOVED the peek into your day - I'm at a loss of what to blog, having been so sick myself, I might need to show an insight into my day also as there has been NO crafting done

Meghan at MNM's said...

Be well soon love! We've had it up to HERE with sickness in our house too! By His stripes we are healed....let's claim it! xx

Simoney said...

Ohohoh Sammy, this does my heart good, seeing you and your gorgeous sweeties in your everydayness.

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