Monday, October 10, 2011

living huge

I love how the blogging world challenges and inspires me. I was struck by posts I read here, by my friend Widgie and also by Miriam. And then Rebecca posted on the same thing! About dreams and the courage to pursue them. My thoughts have been rolling around in my head but I haven't been well enough to get the words on a page... until now (lucky you, ha!)

I am so blessed to be living my dream. The dream to provide for the widows and orphans. It's a wonderful time of life for me and us as a family. Full and stretching and exciting.

I am living my dream because I had to. I was pushed into it. And really, I think that's almost a prerequisite in following a dream. Often you have to be made to do it. Because dreams are often huge and scary and involve a lot of risk. I started my business when Rupi was seven months old because I had to bring in money to help support our family. To be real, if Dida earned enough for us to go without my earnings, I would not have made the leap.

But he didn't/ doesn't. So I need to bring in some money. I guess we could have moved to another area, sold our house and downsized in a massive way. But most of our family live within a 10 minute drive and being close to them is very important to us. And we also could have put Rupi into daycare and I could have gone back to work for my previous employer. But we felt that would not have been wise with an adopted child.

I was left with starting a business and working for myself. Which was my dream and the key to fulfilling one of my life's purpose. Being able to support the widows and orphans.

Dreams involve immense sacrifice. The bigger they are the bigger the sacrifice. Dreams are hard. Sometimes I think it's good we don't know quite how hard as we may not live them! I am incredibly time poor right now. I have a nanny, Rupi goes to pre school and I have a cleaner. And still most days the ends do not meet. I am making the sacrifice right now and so is Dida. We cover the gaps between us and it works. I have a gem of a man who sees the dream and believes for it too.

Despite the (at times overwhelming) sacrifice, I would not swop this life and dream. It's truly beautiful. I rely on God for every project and to enable me to give and give. When I reach the end of myself, He is there. I know my children and husband have the best of me that I can give. And they are happy. And we are blessed enough to start to pour resource out. Right now it's a pretty small jug but the pouring has begun. And that is so exciting!

So I encourage you to find that place where you have to make the leap. Living your huge dream is amazing and you will not regret taking the plunge- come on and join me!!



Anonymous said...

Great post. I think it is such a true thing that if you know what is involved you might not go there. So awesome you are LIVING it. You go girl!

Rachel Kate said...

Inspiring post :) keep it up!! xo

tea said...

So great that you are living this dream you've had, Sammy! I pray that God continues to bless it and you and your family. ♥

Cat said...

Live Huge
what a great title
and an even greater content
blessings to you Sammy, as you live huge!!!!

love and light

Penny said...

Yes you are pretty flippin amazing!! Well done for all that you've achieved xxx

grace kay said...

i love this post, sammy. i needed a little nudge out the door :) thanks

weza said...

if i am honest my dream scares the heck out of me. So i am happy to have it as a distant hope. Would love to know more about your business.

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