Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have been absent for a while... I have been sick. No, I AM sick. And this is the week and weekend that my huge (0verwhelming and giant) project completes. The client is moving into their new space this weekend. And I have a very nit-picky IT man calling me every 5 minutes. Like repeatedly at 9.30pm last night while I was trying to die quietly in my bed.

I have the best husband ever. He took Thursday off work to help me label 4 million items of furniture for relocation. I could barely put one foot in front of another and the furniture HAD to be labelled as it was being moved the following day. Good times.

It's a piggy of a flu bug and I am on my second packet of cold/ flu tablets.

I would end this post with something chirpy but really I got nothing. And no pretty photos either. If I had the energy I would spend it on living rather than taking photos.

The IT person just called again. Bless him, Jesus, bless him. As I am helping on site tomorrow I will try and gift him with some germs...



Widge said...

Aww Sammy prayin you kick this flu in the butt soon as xo

meg said...

Oh I hope it passes quickly Sammy and the work thing goes well despite it all. I've been up half the night with R who I'm pretty sure has an ear infection (the third in about three months). Poor darling.

tea said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Cat said...

Oh you poor darling xxx
Hope you are better soon xxx
I've been super dooper sick too ;'(

jennohara said...

I hope you're better soon! Something's going on around here too!
Love your day in pictures, and the flip flops on Blossom, at the top are SO. STINKIN'. ADORABLE!
I've always had an obsession with them as well. I LOVE when the little chubby feet wear them.

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