Friday, December 2, 2011

celebrating my little boy

I love the definition of a boy I saw on a sign a while ago (I am SURE I have shared this before)

boy (n): noise with dirt on it

And that's my boy. This morning as he was standing in the laundry pounding the side of the washing machine for an eternity while singing loudly, I took a deep breath, and reminded myself of that definition. He's a boy. And so he's loud and carries dirt. In his hair, on his face, and on his hands. He's immensely strong (and can even hurt me!), but also tender and loving. When life is just too much he cuddles up in my lap. Really curls himself into a ball on me.

He's my boy. I would not change him to make him quieter, slower or less of himself. I love him just the way he is. His enthusiasm for everything is inspiring. His enthusiam for not listening or pushing his sister around is less inspiring but still, he's a boy. Testosterone charged and filled to the brim of life, he's MY boy. And I thank God for him.



Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Awww, Sammy, that's so sweet!

I have to say that my Sophie fits that description perfectly as well! She often sports 'dread lock' styled hair and really doesn't like having it made neat and tidy for school. She is usually found swinging on a rope ladder in the garden and often has pie, paint or dirt on her face :)

My 21 month old daughter is the same.

Thankfully my 8 year old has become a lot more lady like and easier in the past year or so :) Ah, there is hope :) x

Gorgeous photograph and post. Have a great weekend x

Cat said...


Love and Light

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