Saturday, January 7, 2012


With so much packed into our lives some things took a back seat in 2011. Like the house and its upkeep. So we have spent the first two weeks of our holiday nesting. And it's been glorious!

We have...

  • Changed the bedrooms around to give me a whole room as an office. To be honest, it was getting too be a bit of a joke, running a business from Blossom's bedroom. Now I have one entire (albeit small!) room to myself. And the kids are sharing a room which is going really well.
  • Figured out my new apple computer. Changing from a windows based pc to an apple was a nightmare involving setting up a virtual machine within the mac to accommodate my really expensive windows based programs. Are your eyes blazed over yet???
  • Concreted a path.
  • Made new veggie gardens.
  • Fixed the trailer so it's now legal to tow it, ha!
  • Tidied and organized the pantry. Bliss.
  • Sorted out all my fabric and purged.
  • Fixed the kitchen tap.
  • Did the GST for the company.
  • And finally made the kids bean bags. I have only had the pattern and fabric for about 9 months. It was the first time I bought a non-professional pattern. This one was by Made- Dana Made It. Assembling the pattern of off A4 PDFs was a bit tricky as was figuring out the seam allowances. Plus it was hit and miss as to how much stuffing to buy as all references are to American stuffing. But her directions were super clear and easy to follow and they are done! The kids love them which is so gratifying...

We are off on holiday soon, holiday away from the house that is. So I will have to stop and rest. A good thing I think!



mountain mama said...

oh, good for you!!! :)

happy new year!

meg said...

Your beanbags look awesome! Hey the dairy free choc chips we use are Pams brand from Pak n Save. I'm sure there are better, more expensive, organic type ones you can get (Sweet William maybe?) from the wholefoods shop but they're the only ones I've seen at the supermarket. x

Venessa said...

The bean bags are so cool! I wish I was crafty enough to do that!

Widge said...

ok AWESOME beanbags! way cool. I had to give up on them years ago cos I have the type of kids who empty them everywhere grrr
thought about getting some new ones lately now they are a lot older but I'm sure the puppy would make them his breakfast in no time. One day, maybe I'll have them again and I hope they are as cool as yours

jennohara said...

Go YOU!! Sounds like you've been a busy mama. So nice to hear that you're going to be going on a holiday! YAY!
ps. Could you maybe make me one of those chairs? They look amazingly comfy! ;)

grace kay said...

oh sammy those beanbags look so comfy!!

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