Thursday, January 19, 2012

No thank you

 Loving the "super Vivid color" setting on my camera!

I started my own business because I had to bring in some money. Rupi was about 7 months old and I needed to do something. We weighed up all the options and decided on my own design business. Mainly because having my own business meant that I could have the kids at home with home based care. In MY home. The kids would have almost unlimited access to me, excepting where I had a tight deadline or on a phone call. It's worked well so far, I like being my own boss.

**The phone call thing makes me laugh. I am SURE that most clients see through the "I am in the office professionally taking your call" ruse. Who am I kidding? Really. Until Christmas, I designed out of a corner of Blossom's room...**

Anyway, another benefit of my own business was the free time I would have. Cue very loud laughing. Again, who am I kidding? I nearly killed myself last year. Last year was so not fun. I worked like a dog for most of it. Late nights, weekends, early mornings. Anytime Dida was home and/ or the kids were asleep.

I am hoping this year will be more sane. I want to bake and sew and garden AND work. I like working, just not until I feel like I am exploding.

So I just said no to a big project.

The client wanted yet another proposal with more detail. We may not have got it, we were one of four companies presenting. But I talked to the guy I was teaming up with and we looked at the consequence of winning it. Insane program, crazy tight budget, big risks. Plus we are both independent consultants who have young families. The cost to our spouses and children was also too high. So we took a deep breath, gathered all our courage and said no thank you.

The first part of this year will be leaner financially. But that's ok. We just need to make the adjustments. It will be richer in time. Richer in home making. Richer, much much richer.

So yesterday in celebration we all did nothing. For ages. We drank coffee (those of us over 3 years old), ate popcorn, sat on Mama (those of us under 3 years old) and enjoyed the sun. Richer!



jennohara said...

Good for you Sammy!!
You know what's important to you, and that's all that matters. I hope this year is much more sane for you ;) and that your business explodes with success (and not you!).
Love those lovelies and the sunshine in your photos!

Simoney said...


Penny said...

Sounds lovely! Good choice

Elizabeth said...

Yay - we all need nothing days!

Good on you guys for making that call though, I am as convinced as you it will be worth it!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Good for you Sammy, as a working mum who also juggles constantly, anytime when it works in favour of MORE family time I ALWAYS feel so good about it!

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