Sunday, January 22, 2012

Very little

Tonight a million scriptures are running through my head. I am prayed up but still a bit anxious. My Mom has her lung removed in the morning. She's scared. But what bothers me more is that my Dad is scared. He didn't say as much but he asked me to pray hard for my Mom and hugged me with a hard hug. I know him and that speaks volumes. I am a little freaked out.

I heard this morning in church that God likes us to be real. He takes what we have and makes it enough. Ok then. I am a bit scared. This situation didn't work out so well last time. It is different but the same enough to be very uncomfortable.

We need this to be ok. We need the surgeon to find everything contained in that lung. And we need him to find sweet nothing in the lymph nodes near the lung. Nothing but normal lymph node goodness.

So I have very little tonight. And I trust that it will be enough for Him and this will be ok.



PaisleyJade said...

ALL my love and prayers for your precious Mum. xoxo

Widge said...

praying for your Mum and family Sammy

Meghan at MNM's said...

Big hugs darling girl. Prayers are going heavenward for you all.

p.s. My word verification for this commen was divin..that is so close to divine it's not funny. And I truly believe in his Divine power for you and this situation xx

Leonie said...

praying for your Mum and your family

tea said...

♥ Praying Sammy ♥ ♥

Lyns said...

Praying for your Mum and all your family. xxxxx

Monica Williams said...

Sammy been thinking and praying for you and your family today. xxx

Gail said...

Hey my friend,
I am praying for you all. Hold onto to Him. Much love.

Cat said...

such a time for Faith and Trust
blessings to you and your family as you walk through this shadowed time
those you love carry lamps all around you
you are not alone

Love and Light

CraftyFox said...

Tough. Trust in God. It is so hard when you can see cracks in the strength of the family members you look up to.

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