Saturday, March 10, 2012


My Mom started chemo on Thursday. This is a precaution apparently as the doctors want to make sure that no rogue cancer cells in her blood lodge anywhere else. Came out of the blue for everyone as we were sure that she wouldn't need it after the surgery went  so well.


We are a bit "anti" the whole chemo thing since it was chemo that cost my darling father-in-law his life. We asked my Mom to wait for a few weeks until she was stronger. She is still weak after the sugary and not eating all that well. She didn't want to wait which makes me want to burrow into a hole. I can't stand the fact that she has 15 weeks of this toxin.


To cheer myself up I am posting this cute picture of my Mom, Blossom and Rupi. Note Rupi's body language! Hehe! He's not into physical contact that he does not initiate.... And Blossom is totally zoned out. The only people interacting are me and my Mom, gotta love it!



PaisleyJade said...

All my love - beautiful photo too. xoxo

Leonie said...

What a beautiful photo! I will keep your Mum in my prayers, much love to you all xx

Anonymous said...

Oh hon. Lifting your mum up. And you guys too. God's got His hand on it! xx

Love the photo. Kids.... so like that.

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