Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exploding Blossom


My little nephew (he is known as the CUTEST small man, apart from mine) had a party. It was fabulous but for the incident.

I am still covering from the horror of it and those of you with a weak stomach may want to stop reading.

We are keeping Blossom away from dairy and we have started eating a diet that is free from most chemicals and preservatives. So when we arrived at a typical children's party with all the assorted children's party food on display, you would think alarm bells would go off in my head. Sadly no, and so Blossom tucked into orange chippies, chocolate cars and blue jelly beans among other tasty morsels.

A while later she came up to me and said said urgently "Mama, wee wee." I grabbed her and trotted inside to the toilet confident that her little pants could contain what could only be a wee. ON THE WAY she could not contain herself and exploded all over herself and me. I got to the toilet and put her down suddenly realizing that we were both covered in poo. I cried out for an adult. No-one came. I panicked quietly.

I popped her onto the toilet (still covered in poo), ran to the door and screamed for Dida in a poorly disguised panicky tone. The rest is history. We emerged about 15 minutes later leaving behind a scrubbed and sanitized bathroom and carrying a traumatised but freshly showered small person. I was now completely redressed in my sisters clothes with a bag of poo covered clothing and shoes under my arm. It was fantastic.

Lessons learned. 1. Blossom is not over her dairy intolerance. 2. She reacts to violently coloured party food. 3. Bring a change of clothes for yourself as well as the kids.

P.S. On a positive note the party was great and my nephew is super cute.
P.P.S. Not everybody noticed the incident. Mr Samoa asked Penny why I was wearing her top... Bless.



meg said...

Yuck!! It might not be both dairy and the colouring, it could just be one of them, you never know... not really something you would want to experiment with though! She looks so grown up with that beautiful hair now.

Meghan at MNM's said...


That's my cringe face for you. Everybody has good poo stories but this one is up there with the best of the best Sammy!

Thank goodness you were somewhere (i.e. your lovely sis's) you COULD get changed!

Widge said...

Oh. No.
Poor Blossom
And you

Gail said...

Really i am.

Cat said...

I have to admit I am laughing
it is just one of those moments
poor thing...
still laughing lol

Miriam said...

Yes I am laughing too - So glad for you it happened at someone's house where could a. borrow clothing b. use the shower without too much embarrassment and c. loved you anyway.
Kids keep us humble huh??

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