Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doing happy

God is good, right? He is control. And I am leaning back in that knowledge right now.

Simoney's latest post recommends the Shack. Awesome book and I need to reread it. The thing is that God does see. Nothing happens on this earth that He does not see. And I guess what that "seeing" means is only He knows. In Africa when someone greets you and says that they see you, it means more than mere sight. It means that they acknowledge you and are honoring your place there in that moment and space.

God says he Sees. Who am I to assume that when He sees it is only sight?

I can imagine what that moment was like for that little girl. What she went through and what she felt. But really I am putting my own spin on it and the words framing that experience are tainted by the teller. By their brokenness and experience. And I read those words and then put my own experience around those words too. Until the essence of that experience is shaded with so many tones of grey.

The only truth is the Truth.

I was not there.

So I do not know.

God says that he has our name written on the palm of His Hands (Isaiah 49:16). That we are loved beyond compare (Song of Songs 3: 12-15).

So I choose happy. I am loved and secure. I am blessed.



mountain mama said...

that is a good book and yes, we are all so very blessed indeed :)

CraftyFox said...

I love The Shack. Such a different yet 'of course!' way of looking at God.

Cat said...

and happy looks beautiful on you!
and so it should♥

love and light

ps love The Shack!

Elizabeth said...

Must reread it also... got a copy of it somewhere! Loved it the first time round!

Really love that photo of you :-)!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

You have such, such, amazing eyes! Beautiful! I must read 'The Shack'!

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