Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shades of awesomeness

This week has been so many wonderful colors. Little girl colors and I have loved it from start to end.

My nanny has been on leave so I have been looking after Blossom and working nights. I am tired but I would not have swopped one minute. Rupi was at pre school an extra day so Blossom and I have had 4 whole mornings just to ourselves.

She is the most amazing little person. At 21 months she is now vocal, opinionated and able to participate fully in all that we do. She is so easy to have along and her little independent and charming spirit captures everyone we have met. We have every Friday morning just to ourselves but this extra time has been a feast. She starts pre school later in the year and so I am so grateful to have had this window of time with just her.

This is our week:

We played in cars

At ice creams

Visited Nana and Poppa

Played on the jungle gym

Disclaimer: Yes she has worn the same top for 3 days this week. I wash her clothes a lot (she gets dirty..!!) and I like the top. Ok, I have issues, I like to do washing and am a clean freak. Anyhoo.



Elizabeth said...

Haha - I so didn't notice until you added the disclaimer ;-)!

mountain mama said...

great memories! i tend to stick with my favorite clothes too! :)

Gail said...

Like your week a lot. And yeah, I'm the same with the washing thing.

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