Friday, March 16, 2012

Nana date

We visited Nana in the hospital yesterday. She specifically asked for Rupi to come and visit her and so off we went. He was so pleased to see her and it was a delight to see. Sometimes he stays tucked away in his shell so this was special. He chatted to the other ladies in the ward, gave Nana hugs and kisses and watched the buses out of the window. He told the nurses and doctors that he was Hiro the tank engine (Thomas' friend), ha! We have found that Rupi is coming into his own now that he's 3 years old. He seems to figured himself and life out a little.

On our way

                                                           Auckland hospital
The most beautiful car parking building I have ever seen! Lattice cut steel sheets to look like a forest. 

Outside the hospital looking at an ambulance

The "ice breaker" ice cream. Essential at the start of visits to places he doesn't know.

Chatting with Nana

AND my Mom is at home! As long as she can keep her pain under control they think she'll be fine. Needless to say, no chemo yesterday (thank you Jesus) She now waits for about 10 days before she has another big dose so she can get a bit of strength back. Yay!



Neetz said...

Hi again :)
So glad to hear that your Mum has gone home. I hope and pray that the pain stays at bay for her. Oh how I remember the "breaks" in treatment, something to look forward to! I hope she regains her strength and her body feels a little renewed!

My Dad's been in Middlemore for 7 weeks..but went home Friday (YAYYY)... such a relief to know they're well enough to be home again huh?

All the best to you and your family (particularly your Mum as she battles this horrid disease!) xx

Gail said...

Yay, your mum is home again!! Love the ice-breaker ice block (good score Rupi!!)

Pray that this is more of a healing time for your mum during this "break", and for clear Godly wisdom and guidance to take the lead!!

Much love chookx

P.s. That carpark building is HOT. Last time I had to park there it was all scaffolding.

jennohara said...

So sweet!! Rupis so funny!
So glad to hear about your mum!

grace kay said...

Glad about your mum. She looks like a strong mama :-) And Rupi is all grown up!


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