Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dairy-free party food

Like I said in my last post, my vision was for a completely dairy free menu for Blossom's party. She attends birthday parties with a "special box" of goodies for her and generally eats away from the other kids. She doesn't care at this age but I hate the segregation. So I wanted her party to be utterly safe for her. Plus we wanted the food to be as additive/ preservative free as possible.

And we did it! All the food was dairy free, and normal. It was not weird or funny tasting and no-one noticed it was 100% dairy free. Success!

The Kids menu:

  • Sausage rolls- we found that Ernest Adams sausage rolls have no dairy ingredients at all. We use Watties Lite tomato sauce as the salt content is low and they are relatively preservative free.
  • Chippies- Red Rock Sea Salt chips are basically salt/ oil and potato. Fantastic!
  • Popcorn with a bit of oil and sea salt.
  • Fairy bread- white bread/ Olivani spread and sprinkles
  • Marshmallows on skewers (blunt ones!) dipped in dairy free chocolate and then dipped in sprinkles.
The menu was short and sweet and the kids loved the food. I used glass bottles and pretty paper straws for drinks. The drink was Vitafresh cordial (low in preservatives and coloring free)

The Adult menu:

The same as the kids menu but added:
  • Zucchini cake- sounds horrific but so good that my friend Meg's husband ate half the loaf!
  • Home made hummus and plain taco chip pies.
  • Fruit platter
  • Dairy free chocolate chip cookies- Meg's recipe

The CAKE! So important! I wanted a "normal" looking and tasting one.

Meg was a life saver here. I asked her for a cake recipe and when she gave me one I realized she just adapted a normal one. So I looked at my own chocolate cake recipe to see if I could adapt it. YES! It's an oil based one with no butter and I substituted the cow's milk for soy milk. It tastes exactly the same. I was thrilled.

Meg then gave me an American Frosting recipe for the icing. It was so easy to make using Cremelta/ Olivani and rice milk. And it tasted so good, I much prefer it to butter icing. It was also a gorgeous white color so I just used heart sprinkles to decorate the top. Simple and just my style...

The goodie bags had a ball and some sweets/ lollipop in each one. These were the only sweets at the party and the plan was to inflict the related sugar-high on the parents in the car on the way home. This nearly went to plan but as soon as the first mini guests left the rest of the little guests demanded their goodie bags. Oh well, haha!

I was so encouraged by how easy it was to create an entire party that was dairy free! I felt that the party food didn't lack anything by being dairy free and this was just what I wanted. A "normal" party for my little girl where she could be free to eat whatever she pleased. And she did!



Remaliah said...

That's so great! Good on you for aiming for that goal and doing it with such delicious food! The cake looks and sounds amazing! Yum :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Blossom! What a great party! Ryan is dairy free too although he can tolerate very small amounts, eg in baking. Great to know a whole dairy-free party can be done successfully though! :)

Simoney said...

Sammy, I would LOVE you to link this up to my party linky - I'll bet there are plenty of other mums who would love to know how awesome a dairy-free party can be

Anonymous said...

While we don't have allergies in our house, our children have many friends who do... I try to always make the food at their parties suitable for all to eat. I hate exclusion and firmly believe that those with allergies shouldn't be excluded or put at risk. I always find when I stop and think about things there is so many amazing choices out there that can accomodate the needs of those who suffer from allergies and the others don't seem to notice any lack of food.

Gail said...

Well done Sammy! Love that is was delicious, simple and pretty all in one hit! Great photos!

Widge said...

total awesomeness. I love the look of the cake :)

Rebecca said...

Fantastic!! Happy birthday Blossom x

jennohara said...

Okay her party is super cute!!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet girl.
because of the newest post I'd figure I\d mention that Hailey got floored by a crazy puppy a couple months back...right on her face - on concrete. :( Gave her a black eye and all.
I feel your pain. I think it hurts us more than them!!!

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