Sunday, July 1, 2012


We heard another pretty bad adoption story this weekend that made us thank God for our adoption story. Sweetpea, Rupi's birth mother, is amazing- 18 years old, studying to be a social worker so she can change and affect our social services. In love with BOTH our kids and happy to be a part of our lives. Blessed!

We had a great time with her this weekend. We had a walk on the beach with shell collecting, ice cream eating and cuddles. Then went to church with her this morning and did our traditional pre-church coffee and chocolate. Such fun, we love this girl!



Cat said...

a story of such love and hope
beautiful Sammy
much blessings to you and your today

love and light

boysmum2 said...

Such a lucky family. If I ever adopted then I would hope the mother would want to be a part of the life as well.

grace kay said...

blessed blessed blessed!!

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