Monday, July 9, 2012


Lots of things in my life are epic right now. Not in a bad way, just "hoomus" (as Rupi would say when he tries to say "humongous")

Not the least of which are Blossom's toilet visits. She saves these up for days- and sometimes it looks like the toilet is trying to swallow her whole.

Best of all, when her teeny tiny arms get tired she calls for me and I get to hold her up. Lucky me.



Elizabeth said...


I almost bought that same pair of PJ's for Button, but then saw a cute cat one that I knew she'd love more ;-)! But they are just so darn gorgeous - look beautiful on your Blossom, even when she's on the loo!

meg said...

Oh my goodness the poor wee thing and you too! Her her one of those padded seat insert things so it's comfier for her. X

Sammy said...

There's no helping Blossom, we own a padded seat insert, a travel padded seat insert and a whole plastic insert thingie with a step. She won't use any of them...!

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