Saturday, July 21, 2012


This first week without Mel has been scary and really good, at the same time. She's amazing and we miss her but it's so wonderful to be just us.

I have shuffled life around to have Wednesday's free with the kiddies. Rupi will begin big school in less than 18 months time and so I want a day in the week with the two of them where we have adventures and fun and build memories.

This Wednesday we went to the zoo. It was pure awesomeness. We saw "hotters" (otters), "rhihooceroses" (rhinoceroses), a tiger at very close range and Red Panda's who are actually orange. The hippos were the smash hit of the day, and were identified as a Dida hippo and a Rupi hippo. Of course.

Long live Adventure Wednesdays!



Creating Childhood Memories said...

Sounds like you are all having lots of fun on your adventures.
18 months till school. Scary to think that the little ones grow up so fast. My oldest is at school in just 9 months - scary. You have inspired me to make the effort and creat special pre-school memories.
Cherish the next 18 months creating lots of special memories :)

Cat said...

love and light

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of 'Adventure Wednesdays', so cool!

We have just been given a second car seat, so hubby has put it in his car, with the idea that he can then take the toddler out alone on adventures, and I won't be stuck at home! He is looking forward to some better weather so 'the adventures' can begin!

Neetz said...

Lovely fun times xx

jennohara said...

Ah so sweet!! Nothing like taking the kiddos to a zoo!

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