Saturday, July 14, 2012

nanny love

This week was the last week for our nanny. It's time to let her go. The kiddies are in pre-school and loving it. We just can't justify the expense anymore and both children need to spread their wings.

It's been so tough to say goodbye as we have been incredibly blessed with Mel. She's been with us since Blossom was 11 weeks old. She loves the children so much. I prayed hard for the right nanny, someone who would love Blossom and Rupi and slip into the way we parent. Someone who would be happy for me to be very involved and hands on. We got all that and more.

Her text today says it all, how blessed were we?

I miss you all already. You will forever be in my heart, each and every one of you. Many tears were shed, just remember they were tears of many meanings. It just shows you some of the love I had towards all of you. How much you all meant to me. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work alongside you to help raise R and C. I definitely thing God had a huge part in it all and I will continue to stay in close contact with you all. I love you all to pieces all the best for school and work. Love Mel xxx

I am so humbled by God's care for us. How He picked this amazing young woman for us and she was perfect for us.

I am so excited about the next phase and terrified about working without Mel's help. But I also know God has it in Hand....



Remaliah said...

Precious! She looks and sounds to be much loved in your family. I hope your transition into life without her help is smooth, though you'll miss her no doubt!!

Neetz said...

I have to be heart just sunk when i read the I thought you meant it was your last week with your Mum... Oh man.... I felt so very sad...then relieved when I realised it was "THE nanny.." But then I felt sad again at the goodbyes....... (such an emotional roller coaster)... you'll have to excuse me though, as I'm a bit of a mess at the moment... emotions really running wild. Hey also wanted to say that we have been keeping your Mum in our prayers too... as my sister in law is also goign through Chemo at the moment and being knocked around... so we totally understand!! Take care and bless ya x

weza said...

Sammy I have a friend who has just moved back to Auckland and is looking for a good Nanny. Perhaps we could put them in touch with your one. Hmmm how could we do it?

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