Friday, February 12, 2010

Another thing I did not know

There are many things I do not know. Despite being very ordered (some cruel folks would call it it OCD) I am not a great researcher or very detailed. I do things intuitively and this would include pregnancy.

I have read bits of books and picked up wisdom here and there. One of the "pearls" I picked up is that eating for two is nonsense. Apparently you don't need to eat for two people when one of you is very small.

I have taken this to heart as I have seen the scales go up and up. Add to this my previous eating issues and well, I have been eating pretty much as normal. We are healthy eaters and don't do a lot of junk either.

I have found recently that by the time my hubbie gets home, I am unable to cope with life anymore. I have the shakes, am absolutely shattered and highly emotional. After the evening meal, life returns to normal. I am at peace and suddenly everything looks rosy again. This cycle has continued for weeks....

My chiropractor asked me if I was eating enough when I complained of fatigue and I talked to a couple of other people about it. A light dawned- maybe I should eat more...and yes, this would be ok.

Honestly, this had not dawned on me before. Duh.

Adding an extra meal in today has been miraculous. My hubbie came home and found his wife at home instead of Medusa who snarls and growls and cries (a lot).

Life is good again. I feel like a person again. And that is quite nice.

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PaisleyJade said...

Oh yes - you need to eat a bit more than usual... not quite for two but you are feeding another little one (such a precious thought!).

Glad you are feeling better for when your hubby gets home!!

Simoney said...

So nice to see you this morning Sammy :)
It was a lovely way to do a Baby shower. Glad you are eating more my friend

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