Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lift and Separate

Warning: following on from Simoney's infamous post about "the girls", this post is about.....chests!!!!!!

I am an underwire bra girl. Have been since I developed into a D-cup at 16 years old. You can imagine the school yard trauma at being a C-cup at 12 years of age but that's a story for another day! I LOVE underwire bras. They are so pretty and have the (almost magical) power to transform a chest into a thing of glory.

So I have seen no reason to give up on my love affair so far and have just exchanged my D-cups for a DD-cup set a few months ago.

I started feeling a bit breathless and like a boa constrictor was wrapped around my ribs and after talking to Simoney (yes, she is playing a leading role in my posts lately!) in passing, she suggested I may like to go and get fitted for a proper bra.

Nah, I thought. This will pass. A few more days of unbelievable heat and humidity combined with my friend the boa squeezing me under the armpits and I gave in. I went to see a lovely lady at a local Bendon shop who fitted me with a new one and filled me in on a couple of facts.

  1. Underwire bad for pregnant ladies
  2. Underwire sits on the spot where our milk ducts are and can block them.

This scared me so I got a new one immediately with very little arguing.


Disclaimer: this is not a photo of MY bra as it's on me and do not want to take a photo of me in it OR take it off and photograph it....lazy you see.

My new bra has flexiwire which pretends to be like underwire but really isn't. The girls do not look like they should at all! But. The comfort. Sweet Lord, the comfort. I can breathe! And that is (nearly) worth the lack of glory displayed by my chest at this time....

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Stephanie said...

Hahahaha! Good for you!

Widge said...

mmmmmm yeah those days..I went up to an F cup during pregnancy. definitely not f for fun! putting an under wire bra back on after months /years of pregnancy and feeding was AMAZING

Simoney said...

Oh that is not a preggy bra! Surely not??? It is waaayyyy too pretty! Good on you Sammy, I am sure "the girls" are loving their new home :)

Gail said...

Gosh, Simoney - you should be working for Bendon now!!

Liking that one Sammy!

I couldn't stand Maternity bras - and can remember the joy of wearing underwire bras that didn't have the special fold-down feature. So good.

Stephanie said...

Very interesting! I would've never thought about how bras effect pregnant ladies!

PS, I left something for you on my blog :)


FROGGITY! said...

no matter the size... bras are important!!! comfort is important too when you are pregnant and/or nursing! glad you found it. pretty too!!

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