Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little boy Einas [Ouches]

Rupi got bitten by a spider the night before last and yesterday his foot was red, puffy, hot and sore. I was a tad worried.

Simoney recommended I draw around the infection and see if it spreads. Brilliant girl. While he slept at lunch I checked him 500 million times and decided the venom was now on the move. I could see it tracking up his ankle in the half light....ok so it wasn't but it looked like it was.

I shot off to the doctor and had my diagnosis confirmed. The doctors I go to are fabulous. They have him some homeopathic medication and asked if I wanted antibiotics as a preventative measure. This was a big deal as he has never been on antibiotics and is not (yet) vaccinated. [Get yourself up off the floor, that's right he's NOT vaccinated...]

As he's really healthy and never been sick apart from that vomiting/ diarrhoea bug I decided to wait until this morning. This is after I panicked and got the prescription plus kiddie probiotics and stocked up on baby pamol.... You just never know, imagine wanting the antibiotics at 4am????

This morning though his little immune system was winning the battle. The bite wound is now red, not purple and he is running around on his foot without any hassle. Yay! Anyone want some free antibiotics?

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tea said...

Poor little guy. I'm glad he's doing better! :)

PaisleyJade said...

Poor thing - so glad he's on the mend though!!

Joyeful said...

Oh my goodness--that is such a scary thing to go through-- but you did it with wisdom!! Glad he's feeling better!

And it's wonderful to meet you. I've been encouraged by your journey!

Simoney said...

Glad to hear he is on the mend :)

Penny said...

Another spider bite! Man, poor guy. Great that's better now

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