Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My angel of destruction

My sweet little boy is ALL BOY. I think you know what I mean. He shouts, crashes, runs and leaps through each day at 100 miles an hour and I suspect it's going to get (a lot) worse. And... I love it.

In our house we heart reading a lot. I am the main reader and hoard, covet and love books! My hubbie is a semi-reader (a book has to be unbelievable for him to finish it) but loves that I read so much and wants to encourage Rupi as much as he can. So Rupi always has books around him.

He loves to read and often asks if we can get him books. He chooses the ones he wants and sits down to read and asks us to read with him. Fabulous, we like it. He also gets a book or two in his cot when it's sleep time.... unsupervised.

And yes, the books are taking a bit of a hammering.

Here we have a mild case of destruction, only a few pieces are torn off.

The destruction of this poor book is one step worse- the covers have been almost completely annihilated.

And the finale to all of the destruction was what I found after today's nap.....

I don't think Toby the tiger is ever going to be able to show us again how he leaped in the river.

Ever again.


Poor Toby- his showcase moment is beyond redemption.

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PaisleyJade said...

Oh I know what that's like!

tea said...

Yeah, we can't let our son have books unsupervised -he eats them. What I can't understand is how a boy who used to struggle so much with eating food, has never had any problem with trying to eat string and paper?? He's a silly one. ;)

Stephanie said...

HAha! It's not just a boy thing - my girlie LOVES to shred things. And she's been known to eat the occasional book :)
Following you!

Renee said...

I know exactly what you mean! Except mine was tearing up library books because, well thats what we have =p So no more for her in bed. She loves the llama llama books, and literally tore up the "Llama llama made at mama" one because she was... yup mad at mama! whoops!

FROGGITY! said...

oh man! that's so cute about toby the tiger! haha, bless his heart!!!

Penny said...

Yip books with flaps or stick out bits are a no-no for Benjamin too. Clear gaffa tape works wonders with repairing books!

Jodi said...

Oh the destruction! Hahaha!!! :)

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