Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The nanny started yesterday. She is happy. Blossom is happy and yes, I am happy. There's only one person left out of this equation...


He is being h.o.r.r.e.n.d.o.u.s. Screaming, crying, smacking etc! He won't have a bar of the nanny. I called my friend K in desperation and apparently I need to leave the house. So tomorrow I will go out for coffee. It's making his adjustment harder with me around. But I have to be around as I work at home.


The nanny said as she left that today seemed better than yesterday. Glad she thought so! My head knows that he plays up with me around as I am the soft touch. And my head knows that the minute I am gone he will get on with it and have a good time. My head knows this from experience. But my heart does not know this at all. And when he cries (with big globby tears) and stands in front of me asking to be picked up, it's so very hard to be strong.

My sister works with Barnardos and says that adjusting takes time. I expected it to be fabulous straight away. And I HAVE to work. So it's either daycare or this. And this is better for him with his personality than daycare.

I am the adult. I know best as I can see the big picture. I am the adult. I know best. Get in line heart!

On a positive note, he's learnt to "help" wash dishes. So cute! I give him a brush and some plastic cups and he spends ages washing for Mama. How cute is this?

And I can spend forever looking into these particular eyes....

This is good. This is the promised land. And the promised land is filled with milk and honey. Little Rupi just needs to realise that the honey at times may be given to him by someone other than Mama. And that realisation takes time when you are only 22 months old!

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Simoney said...

Hang in there Sammy! He will be FINE! It does take time to adjust, but once they do you will be away laughing!

PS of COURSE I will help you with birthday parties!

FROGGITY! said...

oh it is so hard... especially when they are that cute!! but you're doing well, hanging in there... enjoy the ride b/c this is indeed the promised land!!!

These Three Kings said...

Be encouraged sister, this too shall pass, this season wont last long. Consider it great joy when you encounter such trials! Ask God for wisdom and HE PROMISES to GIVE TO YOU GENEROUSLY! I will be praying for you!
James 1


tea said...

He does look cute washing those dishes! I will say a prayer that he will adjust to his nanny quickly. Changes can be tough, huh?

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