Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doubly sweet

Today is extra special in our house. We are celebrating Fathers Day (our second one ever!) and also the life of the amazing person who made us parents.

Sweetpea turns 17 years old today. This young woman is one of the bravest and most courageous people I have ever met. I love her to the moon and back. Three years ago she did not realise that her life would change for ever that year. And then at the tender age of 15 years old she would make a life altering decision. To share her baby boy with us and make us parents. We can never thank her enough. But I love her for her too. Aside from her gift to us. She is loving and musical and loyal and kind. She is Sweetpea and we love her.

And then there is "Dida" or "Ma-Dida" (my Daddy). The man that provides for us, protects us and loves us. He is an AMAZING father. One of the things that made infertility so hard for me was that I knew how wonderful he would be as a father. I just knew he would be incredible and the not knowing if he ever would be a Daddy was so hard. But now our mourning has turned to dancing and our dawn has come. Yay!

So today is very special. Very very special!



PaisleyJade said...

Precious and beautiful!!!

Simoney said...

YAY!! Lovely.

Widge said...

So incredibly stoked for you Sammy. Happy Birthday Sweetpea <3

tea said...


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