Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekending with little girl. We flew solo again. Dida and Rupi went to the bach for the second weekend in a row. They had so much fun last weekend Dida begged to go again and this last weekend was the only one that worked out. I considered going but the lack of electricity, giant storm and all of us sleeping in one room put me off. They had soooo much fun and Dida's Tapora tank is filled to the brim. He's happy = me happy. new top! Woohoo! I finished it and I love it. Pattern is Simplicity 3535 (A Project Runway pattern) and the fabric is from here. A chocolate silk (on sale, hehe!) I must admit it's more sheer than expected. Yikes, as I am super modest. Oh well, will wear a tank top underneath! I would take a photo of it on me but I am too lazy.

...a visit from Rupi's birth grandmother and husband and their little girl. They are such amazing people and we love them! She is young and hip and not a grandmother at ALL so decided that she would be called "Auntie". Rupi loves their little girl (who is about 8 years old) and they played so cutely together. Rupi (thank the Lord as his separation anxiery seems to be lessening!) was freely distributing hugs and kisses and Auntie was melting. Awwww. Hopefully we can catch up with J, Rupi's birthfather in a few weeks time when we go away as we haven't seen him since Rupi turned one. As Dida reminded me though, J has to want to see us. I would love to see him though.
...watching my little girl sleep in her hammock. She sticks her nose up and all you see are two little nostrils! So funny!

Hope your weekend was good!



Widge said...

wow that top is awesome! You clever thing!!

Sammy said...

Thanks Widgey! I redid the one sleeve 4 times and was nearly going insane. Night time and dark brown thread on dark brown fabric = lose your mind!

Anonymous said...

oh she looks snug as a bug in that hammock!
Beautiful top Sammy, sewing is not something I am very good at...that top would have taken 6 months for sure!!! lol
how much contact do you have with the birth family?

love and light

tea said...

The top is beautiful, Sammy! I'm the same way and I think the pink tanktop underneath will look great! :)

Sammy said...

Hi Cat, quite a bit of contact. We have a very open adoption. It's getting a bit less as time goes on with Sweetpea's parents but more with Sweetpea (she's just turned 17). It's getting more with J's parents and less with him. This makes me sad :-(

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