Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rupi's wa-wees

Rupi's language is developing thick and fast and some of the words he says are priceless...! He got his first set of pajamas recently. Up until now he's been in merino pants and tops. He is SO proud of his pajamas and calls them wa-wees, his version of "pajamas".

Here he is first thing this morning, still in his sleepsack. He says his take on "pajamas" and adds in "yeah, cool" after saying it....then says his name. He is sooooo cute! [Please ignore how lame I sound!]



Penny said...

Very cute, although I'm glad you interpreted! And I sound lame in the videos I take too ha ha

FROGGITY! said...

soooooo precious!!

tea said...

So, so cute! :)
I love the sleep sack too!

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