Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poppa in the city

Yesterday I took a morning off work and we went to visit my Dad at his work. All the other grand kiddies have been to visit Poppa except us. So after much emotional blackmail (by Poppa) we made our way into the city accompanied by the pram and 14,000 bags and bits/ bobs to visit him.

[*** I am changing my son's name on the blog and calling him Rupi. It's what he calls himself so why not.... He calls his sister Hut or Hutch but I think we'll leave her name as Blossom. A tad more feminine I think. My hubbie will become Dida which is what Rupi calls him too. ]

Here is Mow (the nanny and what Rupi calls her- like "low" but with an "m") and Rupi. Yes, Rupi has rocky road, don't tell Dida. He is the food police and a marshmallowy, nutty, chocolate concoction of goodness is not part of our food pyramid.

Mow is claustrophobic and has a fear of heights. She took the stairs to the third floor where we were and was hyperventilating. She spent the visit back downstairs where she could touch the ground, poor girl. Unfortunately the entry to my Dad's work is opposite a bordello, love the inner city, so Mow loitered a little further up the road...!

Here I am with my Dad. I am a bit of a Daddy's girl. Please ignore red rimmed eyes, they are a normal part of life right now!

And of course Blossom who fell asleep 10 minutes before we moved her and woke her up again. Such is life.

And Mama and Rupi in Poppa's office. That was the face for the entire visit- stern- DO NOT APPROACH ME face. Nice.

Poppa loved it and so did the ladies in his office who oohed and aahed over Blossom and tried (with little success) to engage my small son. I had a good strong latte with my Dad and so all was well in my little world. Mow is still recovering from her attempt to access the third floor.



Penny said...

O cool you went! Great photos, I'm sure your visit made Poppa very very proud

Simoney said...

Poor MOW.
And I love Rupi's name.
Very cute.
(PS I've emailed Lyns about tomorrow night - I am planning to go out or go crazy)

tea said...

Sounds like a fun visit! I love that picture of you and your dad. It's so sweet! :)

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