Thursday, September 30, 2010


One of the things that gets says to us over and over and over is how similar Blossom and Rupi look. It's unlooked for and unexpected but I have to admit that it makes my heart sing!

Here is Rupi at 10 weeks old

And Blossom doing the same thing at 18 weeks

What do you think? Similar or not?



Amy said...

In one of your previous posts, I thought Blossom WAS Rupi for a moment. I see it, I see a brother and sister.

Simoney said...

I definitley think that blossom and rupi look alike! And I have met BOTH in real life! AND I think i's uncanny how much Rupi looks like his DADDY! Oh yes, there is a real family resemblance there my freind!!

Andrea said...

I have thought that too! For awhile now!! So cool that other's think the same! Congrats on two beautiful babes :)

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