Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi Kenya!!!!!

Was reading Stephanie's post (she is super cute) and she mentioned "blogger stats". Never looked before and so was having a browse.... and saw I have readers from KENYA!!! So excited, I mean, Kenya is close to Uganda. And Uganda is where the orphans are. The orphans my business is for. See here, here and here.

So "Hi Kenya readers"! So happy you came!



Mon said...

Hi Sammy,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I just spend the best part of this last hour reading your journey, with a few tears in my eyes. Phew what an amazing few years you've had! And your children are just gorgeous - what a blessing. I look forward to following you more.
Oh yeah and I roll with Jesus, so prayers are good! :)

Simoney said...

Oooh yay! Mon found you! She is lovely {hi Mon!}

And Yay for Kenya. How bout that??!!

gracekay said...

heey i'm from kenya!! love the shout out, thanks :-)
so much for my plans to be a ghost follower before i post a comment....i found your blog from another i follow.
and speaking of orphans one of the blogs i follow is from a kids home in nairobi i support - kings kids village - check it out at gracekaysworld.blogspot.com


Stephanie said...

Woohoo for blogger stats- how fun right!?

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