Saturday, April 2, 2011

I did it....

Yup I did it. The coast to coast 16km Walk for Christchurch. It is the most magnificent walk through some amazing parts of Auckland and me? Well I nearly died. This was due to the lack of actual physical training I did. I focused more on the mental training needed...ha.

I complained to Dida that I felt there was a lack of support coming from the homefront and he explained later that it was because he was freaking out. He thought I was insane, as I did myself, and neither of us slept well last night. (This may have also been due to Simoney's homemade tiramasu with coffee in it that we scoffed over dinner last night!)

The walk was organised by Gail who was part of a contingent that led the walk. In fact someone in her little pack said they COMPETED to be at the front. I was just glad to finish the walk let along compete in any way, shape or form.

There was 6 of us who stuck together including Lyns and Meg. It was SO nice to spend time with them, they are amazing. The other 3 women were a bit older than us and one led the way (fabulous) and another was our navigator (even more fabulous). So really all I needed to do was put one foot in front of another and keep up. Nice one.

The walk itself was gorgeous and the weather even better. The most marvelous thing was that I completed it. And can now round up payment. Yay, a million times. I (and my nervous digestion system) can now relax and have a glass of wine. Amen.

We set off....

Across the city heading towards the domain

I already had my "what the heck" face on

Lyns and Meg (seriously nice girls)

Doing our "alternative route" up Mt Eden

Top of Mt Eden

Top of One Tree Hill (again we took an alternative route"!)

The best sight in the WHOLE world!!!!



Penny said...

GOOD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!! A thousand times over. Well done!

Lyns said...

You did awesome! Nice hanging with you today. Enjoy your wine xx

Gail said...

You DID do it!! And I totally couldn't tell that you were freaking out!!!

As for the competing part...... I am the least competitive person I know. Don't know where that came from.

Love you loads.xx

Leonie said...

totally totally impressed!! you guys are amazing!

mountain mama said...

you rock! great job!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Well done - glad it was such a success, and the weather was amazing yesterday!

Brigitte said...

Well done to you and all the others who completed it! Such a great cause and such a great reason to have a large glass of wine as a reward at the end. Yes.
Definitely something to feel proud about! X

Anonymous said...

Good job girl!!!
Could you hear me cheering you girls all the way from Canada???????

love and light

Meghan at MNM's said...

Such a great achievement. And for such a good cause. Hope you were able to put your feet up last nite and relax!

Anonymous said...

So amazed at you girls! So proud of you all!
Love your photos.
Wish I had of been able to do it with you, but at the same time, kind of glad my knee was bung cos you's were so blinkin speedy i would have been left in your DUST!!!
So impressed.
HUGS xxx

PS Miss Fab is following you now.
(she doesn't know it. I'm just boosting your numbers to help you get past 100! LOL)
am I wierd?

Rebecca said...

Well done Sammy!!!!!!!

Sammy said...

Darling Simoney- yes you are totally wierd ( as I am har,har!)and I love every bit of you!

Nicole said...

Go you! That's awesome!

grace kay said...

woo hoo!! looks like fun, can't believe you actually made it :)

i tagged you in a blog post which means you have to write random stuff about yourself [yep, returning the favour ha!!]


tea said...

Good job, Sammy! It's so great you guys did this! ♥

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