Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I am loving and Grateful for...

♥ My Work

I have been head down and bottom up for the last month with all the work I have on. It's been intense and slightly mad but this is such a blessing. It means that my little children do not have to go into daycare and can be at home. It means that I can help fill the family coffers and it means that I can....


I mean REALLY done. Salon cut and colour. Ah, the bliss. I haven't had this done for so long. It's such a treat to be pampered and choose what I want with the stylist. Talk colour and what will look best for my hair. I love my hair now!

♥ Pink

I am not always a fan of pink- it's so stereotypical. But oh my gosh. There is just something about a little girl in pink. Freshly washed in her jammies. Argh. And because she's mine I can smoosh her neck all I want (which is a lot!!!)

♥ A late afternoon Ritual

Mama and the kiddies on the trampoline every afternoon. Universally loved by everyone. Autumn afternoons are the very best- crisp but warm enoough to wear shorts. So good.

Very grateful for so much and loving it all!

Have a great Sunday!

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Leonie said...

Your hair looks stunning!! feels good to feel pampered doesnt it - I unfortunately had a new hairdresser and hate my hair now!
Aww.. I love little girls in pink too - it took me three children to get that way - number three was pink all the way!!

PaisleyJade said...

Love your hair... and cute as wee girl... and trampoline time!!!

thatblogyoudo said...

Great hair colour! and i love autumn afternoons too! your bubba is gorgeous in pink. glad i dropped by.

Lyns said...

Oh My Gosh I Love your hair!! It looks beautiful!!

Oh and your bubbas are too cute xx

tartankiwi said...

I want a trampoline too... that looks like so much fun!
Your hair looks amazing!

These Three Kings said...

loove ya hair!!!!!!

tea said...

This is such a great list of thankfulness! Your hair looks wonderful!!!

jennohara said...

Great list! Love your hair! And girls in pink...ya gotta love em!!

Naturally Carol said...

Your hair looks great..good colour and style and looks very healthy! Have fun trampolining again this week.

Anonymous said... the hair...SO love the hair
love the trampoline time
and YES to the pink on your little bean
I myself am not a pink girl, but i do appreciate it on those who can go there, and you little Cherish can!!!!

love and light

Maxabella said...

Your hair colour is so. darn. gorgeous, Sammy. And I know exactly what you mean by freshly scrubbed little girls in pink jamies. Delicious! x

Simoney said...

Your hair looks AMAZING!!!
Hey will you be able to join the bloggy birthday party/going away party for leonie & gail at my house on Monday 18th? First day of the school hols. i hadn't heard from you, so just askin'.
Hope you can make it.
Mon will be there and she's making THAT cake.

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