Sunday, April 17, 2011


This was a great weekend. We needed a great weekend and this one delivered.

We had Turbo's third birthday which (unbelievably) was fun. I say this as it was pouring with rain and we had 6 children under 6 in one little house. There were only the cousins there which gives you an insight into the insanity of family gatherings at this point. But no one died or killed another one and I think fun was had by all!

 Blossom slid under the radar around the floor, under things,scavanging as she went. No idea what she ended up eating....

 Dida pretending to eat his (cute and must hug his aunty despite not wanting to!) nephew

 Rupi and another cousin playing with balloons. Apparently popping balloons is the new great thing. My Dad had to take a stroll outside (in the rain) at one point to recover from the noise. Tsk tsk.

The birthday boy himself playing with our present. I made him a car tote with a road to play with on the move. I (think) he liked it!

And then...

We had our photo shoot this morning with them! It was postponed from yesterday as the weather was crazy downpours of rain. We woke up to the sun shining and blue sky this morning- woohoo!

We did the shoot at an idylic regional park a little out of Auckland and it was amazing. Wendy is SO nice and took the time to put Rupi at his ease before we began. She shot him on the go and we didn't have many times where we all stood still. It suited Rupi down to the ground and I think she got some lovely shots of him. Blossom just chilled and went with the flow. Wendy sat her in the dunes at one point among the sand grasses. Think it will be amaaaaazing!!!

It was a blast and we recommend Blue Lily so much. Can't wait to see the photos!

Hope your weekend was good too!



Penny said...

Can't wait to see photos! I texted you to see what happened. Glad it worked out.
And yes he does like his car bag, just was too much other stuff to look at. He's forever finding places for his cars to "sleep" so this is perfect!

jennohara said...

YAY! So excited to see those pictures!!
I know what you mean about craziness with little kids running around. When I get together with my sisters, there's 7 kids under 5! :) Crazy.

Gail said...

Me too - can't wait to see the photos! How cool!!

Love the fullness in your weekend - lots of family love to go around and be enjoyed!!

grace kay said...

yei! can't wait to see the pics too.

jacksta said...

Hi Sammy...thanks for the comment on my blog...Nice to meet you in the bloggisphere!

These Three Kings said...

Oh, I know those pics will be beautiful!!

tea said...

I can't wait to see your pictures!!

Our family gatherings are crazy right now too. We have 6 kids, all 4 or under, with another one on the way. Glad to hear the birthday went well!

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