Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gather round

To my wonderful bloggy friends

Please can we gather round and welcome Deborah? I know about her through my sister and she has started a blog (best thing ever!). Deborah is a child of Jesus' and is suffering from depression. She sounds like she's pretty much at the end of her rope.

Simoney, I left her a comment and maybe you could get her onto your special blog?

Thank you lovelies, she really needs a bit of our amazing community's TLC.



Simoney said...

Hey Sammy, I've just spotted this and been over to Deborah's blog... unfortunatley I can't sign in to comment and she doesn't have the name/URL option on her comments, so i can't leave a her a comment or email her - if you know her IRL would you be able to find her email address and forrward it to me so i can contact her?
Her struggle is very moving.

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